Hello all! It’s a new year and there is lots of stuff going on. Here is some rad info you might be interested in (if you weren’t aware of it already!)

Currently I have been working on another comic called QUICKEN. You can choose to read it on WEBTOON  (new updates every Sunday) OR you can read all of the current updates in comic page format right here on FairlyArtful DOT COM ( http://www.fairlyartful.com/quicken/ )

If you become a Patron and pledge at least $1 a month you can get early comic pages of bother Magical Girl Life and QUICKEN as well as extra art and stuff available to Patrons only! You also get access to a Patron’s only discord server. ( Patreon.com/corinna )

I have also been trying to figure an easier method for those of you who wish to commission me to do so. I have made a google form both for TWITCH EMOTES and GENERAL ART COMMISSIONS

Both of these links can be found on linktr.ee/fairlyartful .

That should be about it! Thanks again for your continual support!