VERY SORRY NO COMIC THIS WEEK! Crunching to get product out on time for LVL UP EXPO in Las Vegas this weekend! Speaking of be sure to check us out this weekend should you be attending! :3 above is w picture of our artist table location!

See you on the flip side!

Comic Process – And Patreon

Makin’ comics! Special sneak peeks on my Patreon guys! Become a patron for $3 or more and you get to see the finished pages before anyone else 😀 Please consider checking out my Patreon to look at the other incentives as well! Also if unable to donate, spreading my patreon around also helps me lots and lots <3 every dollar helps me reach my dreams!


I don’t post much news and updates here! So sorry! Here is what is going on in my life:

My next artist alley will be at LVL UP EXPO! With my partner @tacoroachart . Updates as to which table we will be located will be posted when finalized!

I am taking commissions! Please check out my commission rules! 😉

I am trying to post regular comics every wednesday of my current project Magical Girl Life! Check it out~

I have a twitch! My twitch streams are sporadic but I hope to get down to a regular schedule. Until then you can check out my art streams here!

And as always you can follow my ramblings and updates on my Twitter and Instagram




Ahhh have I redeemed you #Piper ?!

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