Inktober #2

I had to work yesterday and had NO TIME TO DRAW so I am ALREADY A DAY BEHIND AHHHH

Here is #2 “Hippie Witch” from the 31 witches prompt

Intober Witches #1

Intober Witches #1

Here is the first of my witchy Inktober prompts. My medium here is digital, keeping with inktober rules the colors are of course only black and white.

For Patrons and Twitch Subscribers – NEWS

For Patrons and Twitch Subscribers – NEWS

I have revamped my patreon to include only one tier giving the option for the pledger to choose their own donation amount. In return they get access to goodies. You can access my Patreon Here.

In addition to working on Magical Girl Life I have also taken on the task of working on a second, more labor intensive comic, Quicken. Quicken will be hosted on Webtoon as well as here.

Patrons and subscribers to my twitch Channel will get access to the following:

  1. Access to bonus channels on discord
  2. Early access to sketches and other goodies
  3. Process videos
  4. The NSFW content.
Spooky Avatar Commission prices have returned!

Spooky Avatar Commission prices have returned!

Until the end of October, I will be offering SPOOKY AVATAR COMMISSIONS for the spooky discounted price of $20 per! If interested, please email me at
In the email please express your interest and a description of how you would like to be spookified as well as any reference pictures of yourself and anything else you would like me to use.

These commissions are to be paid up front – paypal only!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to EMAIL ME (

Here are some samples of the spooky avatars I did last year as well as a few from this month!