New Website is up!

As you can probably see from looking around, my website has gone through a bit of a transformation (Thanks to Kurt for putting in so much time and effort when I was basically clueless)

You can now more easily access my shop, go directly to my Magical Girl Life Webcomic, and email me by filling out a form through my commissions page, as well as easily view my portfolio!

Check it out! 😀

Patron Blog Access

Accidentally drew @tacoroach and I as witches.

(it wasn’t an accident m/)

My $5+ patrons get access to my private blog which shows the step by step art process for these witchy ladies. Here is my  Patreon  site in case there was such interest.

LVL Up Expo 2016 Announcement


VERY SORRY NO COMIC THIS WEEK! Crunching to get product out on time for LVL UP EXPO in Las Vegas this weekend! Speaking of be sure to check us out this weekend should you be attending! :3 above is w picture of our artist table location!

See you on the flip side!