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I see you would like to commission me? Thank you! You’ve come to this page because you like my style, so keep this in mind. You’ll also find I’m fairly reasonable, easy to talk to, and willing to work with your budget.

This is for serious buyers only, please!

NOTE: I work primarily with digital artwork. If you want these pieces printed and mailed to you please note that there will be a significant extra cost for printing and shipping!

In the case of my traditional art the pricing will be different as well as additional cost for shipping! If you have ANY QUESTIONS do not hesitate to ask!

Here are the rules!
– Money is to be paid up front, I accept Paypal only!

– There will be NO revisions. To avoid any disappointment, please make sure that the description of your request is as clear and concise as possible, otherwise you are trusting me to make my own artistic choices. * If you insist on a revision, there will be extra cost. This extra cost is determined on an individual basis.

*An exception would be commercial commissions, I will permit a maximum of 3 revisions. If your request IS commercial, please state so at the beginning, as commercial commissions will probably cost a bit more depending on a case by case basis.

– My rate is $15 per hour. Before I start working on the commission I will give you a price quote. For example, when you present your request, if I tell you that it will take me 3 hours, I will charge $45 for it. In this case, even if it takes me longer than the 3 hours I stated, the price will not change.

– I work on a case by case basis. Depending on the complexity of the request will determine the allotted time I will need to finish it.

– I will show you the initial finished piece at a low resolution at 25% of the size before I give you the full version – this is your only chance to ask for any corrections, alterations or additions! Depending on the degree of change/alterations/additions there could be extra cost. This will be presented to you before any changes are made.

– Comic/sequential art requests? Commercial requests? Inquire! (Restricted to short/one shot comics)