News and Updates

Hello All. I realize I haven’t been updating here super often (I will post on my social media which is all listed on So I wanted to let you guys know exactly what has been going on.

A few months ago I got a new job, it’s full time with benefits so it is GREAT NEWS for me HOWEVER it takes up a lot of my free time, so I had to put QUICKEN on a brief hiatus. It will be returning to regular updates every Sunday starting June 9th!

Due to the nature of my new job I get several months off (unpaid though) so I will have much more free time and hopefully build up enough of a buffer so when I do return to work I won’t be scrambling to get updates out. And hopefully this extra time will allow me to get some quality art out as opposed to rushed jobs. I truly want to give Quicken the time and detail it deserves.

In other news my partner in art and crime Ambur (her social media can be found at and I are starting up a podcast! If you want to hear updates of our life, our opinions you didn’t ask for, and talking about my cats and her corgis, please check it out when we start posting updates! I will notify updates here as well as on all the social media ( which can be found at ) We are very excited to have this out for you all!

Thank you and good night!



Hello all!

You may have noticed that my long running comic Magical Girl Life has been put on hiatus. I am not sure how long this hiatus will last, however due to time constraints in my life I’ve been unable to keep up MGL AND the new comic I’m working on QUICKEN. (If you guys aren’t aware already, you can read QUICKEN right here on this very website, OR on LINEWebtoon, OR Tapastic.) I am going to start regularly posting new updates and pages of QUICKEN here so I can give you guys some content and know when pages are updated.

If you LOVE QUICKEN or really any of the art I do, please consider supporting me on my PATREON. There you will get to see the QUICKEN comic pages EARLY. Also extra art and goodies as well.

I would really love to continue with MGL and will probably try to put some time aside to make more pages so I can start updating again when and if time allows. QUICKEN and life stuff is currently taking up MOST of my time.

Until then, I hope you all will give QUICKEN a read and follow their Story.