I don’t post much news and updates here! So sorry! Here is what is going on in my life:

My next artist alley will be at LVL UP EXPO! With my partner @tacoroachart . Updates as to which table we will be located will be posted when finalized!

I am taking commissions! Please check out my commission rules! 😉

I am trying to post regular comics every wednesday of my current project Magical Girl Life! Check it out~

I have a twitch! My twitch streams are sporadic but I hope to get down to a regular schedule. Until then you can check out my art streams here!

And as always you can follow my ramblings and updates on my Twitter and Instagram


Sera Saturn

Take a step back and realize Sailor Saturn is too fab for this universe.

Burnt out from doing commissions. Wanted to draw something I felt like drawing. For me!